Privacy Policy

Name of the register: findartglobally.com
Contact: info@findartglobally.com
About information storage: databases and eu-servers, which are protected with passwords and other technical means.
Register holder: Saraswati Global Oy 



Users of the service/website commit to reading and following the terms and conditions and privacy policy below, and the instructions found on findartglobally.com through the links below.

Artists must read the terms and conditions found in the links below before registering with and using the service/website:

Please note! Artists must update their profiles to meet the minimum of information required within a month of joining the website/service. Findartglobally.com reserves the right to hide profiles that do not meet these criteria.


Minimum requirements for Artists’ profiles

Findartglobally.com requires the information listed below to be added to profiles within a month of joining the website.

  1. Profile image
  2. Cover image
  3. Artist profile introduction (length and format optional)
  4. CV (using the website’s own CV form) Please note that adding a link to your website cannot be used as a substitute for a CV.
  5. At least 7 artworks, more to be added later
  6. Please note that the information listed above must be added to a profile within a month of joining the website. Findartglobally.com reserves the right to hide profiles that do not meet the minimum requirements.


Please note:

It is forbidden to exhibit on this website any material as art that can be interpreted as being in infringement of copyright, defamatory, abusive, discriminatory, racist, of derogatory sexual morals, or is otherwise not seen as appropriate. After artists go through the curating process, artworks uploaded to artists’ profiles are not curated, but content is monitored. Breaking of any rules, intentional or otherwise, will lead to a permanent ban and a removal of the profile from the website. In our internal and external communication, we uphold polite and courteous manners. Behaviour that does not meet this standard can lead to receiving a warning and if necessary, removal from the website.


Other users of the service/website must read the terms and conditions through the links below before using the service (and registering):


About Copyright:


The use of personal and company data saved and collected by findartglobally.com are detailed in the privacy policy below.

The main uses are:

  • Member and customer register
  • Targeting our services to members and customers of our website
  • Customer communication and replying to contact requests
  • Business development
  • Fulfilling our contract commitments 
  • Fulfilling judicial commitments and demands


We collect personal data from you when you register as a user of our service/website, and later while using our service/website.

We collect information provided by members and customers:

  • The information provided in the membership application
  • Customer information, that you have provided through email.  

Information collected from public sources:

  • public member registers of artist associations
  • public contact information of companies, used for marketing.

We make sure that we have grounds required by law to use your personal information. We use your personal information to offer the service you have ordered and to develop our service.


Who uses my information and is it passed on to a third party?

Generally your information is used by the employees of our company when performing their tasks. We may outsource some use of personal information, for purposes such as information systems used for saving and handling the information. In such cases we make contracts to ensure that confidentiality regarding your information is preserved and that any possible use of the information is legal. We may also give out information to fulfil contractual obligations, or when required by the law or an official authority. We may also give out your information to a buyer of our services, in such a case that we are part of a corporate acquisition.